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Privacy Policy

Athelink is committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of all the information you input into Athelink (the “System”).  Although the information you input into the System is primarily only used by you and the people you have voluntarily connected with on the System, there may be instances where Athelink utilizes a portion of your information.  Our Privacy Policy explains the information we collect and how we collect it, how and when we will utilize that information and how and when your information is shared.  We continually strive to improve the user experience on Athelink and we want you to be comfortable and confident that the information you share with the System will remain private.  We recognize the complexities involved in any system and want to assure you that Athelink is committed to providing you a secure and private contact management and availability platform.
We’ve tried to be as straightforward as we can but if you’re not fully comfortable with the terminology or any aspects contained within this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.  Your privacy matters to us.

Information we collect
Information collected in the System is primarily input and utilized by you on a voluntary basis.  However, other information may be collected to improve the performance and operability of the System.

Therefore, there are really only two ways we collect information from you:

Information voluntarily shared with the System:  As the System is primarily utilized as a contact and availability management resource, you will be asked to input personal information.  For example, information collected for the contact management aspect of the System could include your name, profile picture(s), email addresses, phone numbers, social media user names, home and business addresses, etc.  Information collected for the availability management aspect of the System could include ad-hoc status updates, overall availability status as well availability status for specific contact points. 

Information collected to improve the performance and operability of the System: Athelink and the System may collect information about how and when you utilize and interact with the System, including services that you use and how you use them. This information includes:

Product, device and location information
Information relating to the product, device and location that the System was accessed from.  This can include what pages on the System were accessed, device specific information (e.g. type of device, operating system and version, etc.) and the location (i.e. network provider, location of access).

Log information
Athelink will maintain details of when you access the System or view content on the System. When you use access or view content on the system, we will collect information about your interactions with the System.  Some examples include:

Our use of the information we collect:

Information voluntarily shared with the System:
We will not utilize the information you voluntarily provide the System with the exception of contacting you in regards to functionality, operability, or feedback on the system.  We may reach out to you occasionally to see if you are still interested in using the System (i.e if you have not accessed it for a period of time) or to provide you with updates on the System related to the products and services offered, enhancements or modifications made or other general aspects of the System.

We will use any information collected through these contact methods discussed in the paragraph above to enhance the System and provide valuable new tools that will increase the functionality and usefulness of the system to you.

If you contact us, we will keep a record of our communication to help us resolve issues you might have or currently be encountering.  

Your consent will be sought and obtained prior to the utilization of any of your information that is not consistent with this Privacy Policy.

As Athelink is a global contact and availability management resource, your information may be stored in a location outside of your jurisdiction.  This is to ensure that the System has the expected responsiveness and is available at all times, in addition to ensure the data maintained on the System, including your confidential information is securely backed-up.

Information collected to improve the performance and operability of the System:
This information will be utilized to assess, modify or enhance the system.

Everyone has different concerns about their privacy.  We strive to provide you with the ability and flexibility, through the System, to share only the information with the users of the System that you choose to share it with.  Examples of the flexibility include:

Eliminating Information
We strive to provide a robust system that provides you with the ability to add, modify or delete your information as and when you want.  However, there may be instances where we are required to keep that information for business or legal purposes such as when that information is maintained as part of our normal System back-ups or for regulatory reasons.  
Additionally, if you decide to delete your account and cease to use the System, there may be instances where your data is not completely deleted from the System due to the above mentioned causes.

Sharing information
With the exception of information voluntarily shared by you with other users and Associations of the System, we will not voluntarily share your information without your consent unless required to do so for regulatory or legal purposes or unless it forms part of the normal operating procedures of the System such as back-ups, etc.

There may be instances where we show aggregated, non-identifiable information for purposes of promoting the System and to show usage and trends related to the System.  
If Athelink or the system is sold, this Privacy Policy will continue to apply unless we provide notice and receive consent that another privacy policy will takes its place.  

Information security
Athelink is diligent in protecting its users of the System from unauthorized access, use of (including disclosure) or changes to (including deletion)  their account information stored on the System.  Specifically, we:

We work hard to protect Athelink and our users from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of information we hold. In particular:

This Privacy Policy applies only to the services Athelink and the System provides and does not apply to services or products offered by other companies or individuals.  This Privacy Policy does not cover the information practices of individuals, companies or organizations who promote, advertise or user our services.

Our compliance with this Privacy Policy is regularly reviewed.  If we receive formal written complaints, we will work with the person who initiated the complaint.  Where we are unable to resolve the complaint in a timely manner directly with the person who initiated the complaint, we will work with appropriate authorities to resolve the complaint.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:
Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and we are committing to maintaining your rights under this Privacy Policy unless we receive your explicit consent to changes.  Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted and if there are significant changes, we will ensure the changes are clearly communicated to you.  Prior versions of this Privacy Policy will be maintained for you review.

If you have any questions about our practices or this Privacy Policy, please contact us at