How do I Manually Schedule a Tournament?

1. On the left side menu Select your league.
NOTE: If you’re league is not there, click on More Leagues and then select the league you would like to update.

2. At the top right of your Tracker page, click on Admin

3. On the left side of the admin dashboard, click on Scheduling, and then Division Manager
a. The Division manager, allows you to create a specific age groups tournament

4. Select the age group you would like to schedule.
a. Example: U10 Novice Girls

5. This will list all the divisions.  

6. Press  the Create New Division button at the top right. 
a. Type in the description of the division. 
  b. Example: U10 Novice Girls (Gold)
c. Press Create

7. Scroll to the bottom to find the division.

8. User the drop down and select the type of draw that you would like to run.
a. Example 8 team
b. Press Create Schedule with Placeholder Teams

9. On the next page press Manually Schedule

10. This places all the placeholder teams into the schedule. 
a. Modify the Date, Time, And Location for each game

11. On the Right side you’ll see a grey check mark, when you change information on this page, it will turn green to confirm that it saved.

12. When you are done, click Swap teams at the top right.

13. You will be able to place the teams that have registered for the tournament into the placeholder spots.

Athelink Support Team

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