How to create a House League teams with player's who have signed up for my organization?

If you ran player registration for your house league and need to place your players onto teams then this tutorial is for you.

1. Go to you Association Page and click on Admin.
2. On the left side menu click on Create Players/Teams.

3. Fill out the form with all the Teams information.  
  • NOTE: if the team does not have a coach, leave the registration blank
  • NOTE: If the players have already registration, leave that part of the form blank as well
4. on the next page click Edit Team Registration

5. in the input box that says Search for Players, type in the name or e-mail address of the player you are searching for.

6. Click the players name when the list pops up and then press Add.

7. You will get confirmation that the player has been added to the team.

8. to edit their information, click the green button with the pen icon.  You'll be able to change their number here.

Athelink Support Team

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