How do I create registration for my Development Program?

1. Log into your Association pages Admin Dashboard

2. In the Left side admin menu, expand the Program/Registration Setup section and select Create new Program.

3.  This screen will show a few options of different registration types available on Athelink. Press  under Development Programs.

4. Fill our the required information and press .
5. Athelink will take you through a wizard that will ask you information about your event so that it will be easier to organize.  

  1. General Information - This step requires that you add any additional information about the event, allows you to apply a convenience fee for credit card payments and a logo.  (Some of this information will be pre-populated from the previous form.
  2. Add Locations - Adding locations will allow you to assign specific age groups to locations for your registration and eventually, assign games to specific locations
  3. Session Pricing - Finally the part you want to get to!  This part of the Wizard allows you to setup every aspect of your registration form. 
  4. Upload Policies - This will allow you to upload any documentation such as waivers or code of conduct. 
  5. Security Access for Event - Which Staff members are able to modify and view details for this event.

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