How do I setup E-mail Money Transfer's (EMT's) for my Organization's Registrations?

To accept credit card payments with PayPal:

1. Go to your Association Page on Athelink.

2. Click on Admin at the top right.

3. Click on the Payment menu on the left then select 

4. Scroll down to the Select Accept payments by E-mail Money Transfer. Fill out the form with:

  • E-mail Address for EMT - This is where Player's/Parents will send money to
  • Question - The EMT needs to have a security Question.  By setting up a Question and Answer, it will be easier for you to accept the payment rather than you trying to guess what the Answer is to every individual question.
  • Activate Payments by EMT - This will make E-mail Money Transfers visible on the Registration page when a Player/Parent gets to the payment step.

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