What does the 'All Teams/Players to be stored as a members of your Association' Option do?

If you are not seeing players appear in your Player Database it is because when you setup your Event, you did not select the All Teams/Players to be stored as a members of your Association option.  

Why does Athelink have this option?

Athelink has many integration points which help you run House League and Rep Events.  Rep events would involve having players from other Associations use a registration form where you do not want players of other Associations to become part of your Player Database.  

When should I click this option?

If you are running a house league where you only have participants from your Association.

By selecting this option, all of the teams/players that go through this registration form will become a member of your Association. For example, if you are running registration for Association A's House League or Rep Teams then you will want to check off this option. If you are running Registration where teams who are associated with other Association (Association B), then you do not want to select this option. This form is usually selected for registrations at the beginning of a year. 

This means that all the Teams/Players are Joining your Association and Represent your Association.  

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