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    Out with the old, and in with the new! The Sports Social Network
    is here to connect you and your friends live during your games.
  • Keep track of your sports
    And all of your friends achievements
    It's Time
    to upgrade your sports experience
    Collect your Friends Cards
    Unlock Trophies
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    Manage Your Teams
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  • Keep track of your sports
    And all of your friends achievements
    Tournament Management
    Create a tournament in a few minutes
    Beautiful Website that you can customize
    Integrated One Click Online Registration
    Automated Scheduling
    Complete Live Visual Stats For Each game
    Integrated hotel management
    Automated Leaderboards and Digital Trophies
    Proven to Increase engagement upto 400%

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The Tournament & League Problem

Athelink makes the league and tournament management simpler than an uncontested lay-up. The platform offers a seamless end-to-end solution from online registration to deep statistical integration that keeps the experience going even after the final whistle.

Registration shouldn’t be cumbersome. Let Athelink handle it for you with a slick online registration process that saves time for you and your players


You want to create the best experience for your players’ right? Scheduling is at the core of that experience and its time consuming and prone to error when done manually. Athelink’s auto-scheduling checks for conflicts, creates printer friendly schedules, and prepopulates its app with times and locations and time for each game.


The power goes out at a Gym and you don't know what to do. Through Athelink's powerful networking, you can update the schedule, automatically email everyone who is effected and have the tournament micro site updated all in one easy to use form.

Real Time Updates

The heart of Athelink lies in our innovative app that allows your volunteers and fans in the stands to get involved by tracking the game. The Athelink Gamecast provides real-time visual data feed with stats. Anyone in the stands can add video highlights or photos to the feed creating the ESPN experience for any game!”


Our Proof of Success

From Online Registration, til the last whistle, Athelink offers a seamless experience that increased engagment by an average of 400% while offering an ESPN type experience to all the parties involved.
The Blessed Sacrament Invitational.

A Tournament is the most time intensive example of people requiring information as soon as possible. Athelink's live scoring app integrated with our tournament software was able to track full data for over 2000 games over an 8 week span.

Gatorade provided sponsorship for all games offering Gatorade beverages for the top 3 stars every game recognizing elite performances

Our app kept friends and family in the loop across the province of ontario during the tournament. Our goal is to network to the next level and provide smart analytics for coaches, automated rankings for governing bodies, and quicker updates for Club organizers.

  • 10,000 Athletes

    Build a profile, track stats, find games & benchmark your skills against friends

  • 750 Teams

    Eliminate time consuming admin tasks and refocus on what matters!

  • 2,000 Games

    Manage your tournament from registration to scheduling & stat tracking

  • 25 Facilities per weekend

    Manage your venue with integrated online payments, scheduling & activity feeds


Athletes, Organizers, Parents




Plays Tracked